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Who is Wendy Burpee?

As an active director of two pro life women’s clinics, I understand the fears and concerns of an abortion minded woman.  While involved in a highly abusive relationship, I suffered the trauma of not one, but three abortions.  You would never expect an honor student from a Christian school to wake up in the recovery room of an abortion clinic, but the memory still haunts me and it changed the course of my life.

Wendy Burpee on radio set

However, God rescued me from that life and 25 years later called me to be the executive director of Genesis Women’s Clinic.  During this amazing time my heart has been burdened for women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. My own story kept hidden for over two decades is now something I share regularly at various women’s events, young adult groups, churches and pro life fundraisers.

If you want to invoke passion from your donors, churches and community it would be my honor to speak on this important topic.